YVSP Special Edition Review

The Youth Violence Systems Project was initiated to empower the community’s perspective on youth violence in Boston by creating a framework for developing intervention strategies that lead to real change. Since 2008, YVSP has been using a community-based approach coupled with systems dynamics modeling to create a virtual laboratory to model youth violence intervention strategies. Our goal is to help develop the capacity for deep and honest dialogue among a wide range of people to collaborate toward a shared goal of reducing youth violence in our neighborhoods. 

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The Youth Violence Systems Project: A Community‐Based Framework of Understanding Youth Violence in Boston gives an overview of the community‐based process that is at the heart of YVSP. It also gives a brief introduction to the content covered in more depth in the other three articles.  

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The YVSP Strategy Lab describes YVSP’s system dynamics model in detail, including an introduction to the key systems concepts for understanding the model.

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The Reason Why We Haven’t Solved the Gang Violence Problem discusses how the YVSP team solicited the input of gang members in the design process, and describes the findings and insights gained.

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What We Are Learning describes how the model is being used in various settings, and what different folks are learning from the discourse so far.

To view and download the complete YVSP Special Edition Review (all four articles), click here.

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